January 14, 2010

My post today isn't a stamping post, but it's craft related :)

Just before Christmas I posted that I was making a stocking for my son. Both of my other children have one, but my son didn't and this year he asked me to make him one. How could I say no?

So today I am sharing a picture of the stocking that I made for him. It's a felt stocking with hand sewn sequins and beads. I also stuffed parts of it with stuffing for a suttle 3d effect.

I didn't have the teddy bear part of the stocking finished in time for Santa to arrive, but Santa didn't even notice and I finished the bear this past weekend.

Now that I have taken this picture and as I'm writing this post I just realized that I forgot to sew the fringe on the edges of the snowman's scarf. Oh, well it will only take me a few minutes to finish.

As long as I was sharing a picture of my son's stocking, I thought I would post a picture of the baby's stocking.

Her stocking is stuffed a bit more and it has more of a 3d look to it. There's a lot of sequins and beads on this one, but I really love making these stocking and I hope my kids will always keep them and remember that we put them up each Christmas.

This blue stocking belongs to my oldest daughter. I hate to admit this, but I did not make this stocking. This particular stocking was sewn by the employees at the Bucilla factory. I worked at Bucilla for about a year (which is how I know this....) They had a few employees would make the kits so that they could take pictures for their packaging labels.

This particular stocking is called Snow Days and it was machine sewn for the kit's picture label. All I did was add my daughter's name along the top portion.

It's hard to seen in my picture, but this stocking isn't stuffed as much as I would have stuffed it, but this is the stocking that my daughter wanted.

Next year I'll have to work on making stockings for myself and for my husband. Being the computer wizard that he is, he wants the Santa computer stocking, but it's very rare and expensive on ebay. I was hoping that Bucilla would come out with a new computer stocking design.

There is a new one out that I would like for myself, called Christmas cookies. So, I'll have to see about finding stocking for us and not waiting until the last minute to sew them. To be continued next year.....LOL Pin It


Lesley said...

My older daughter has the same stocking as Danielle. I hadn't been able to find one for my younger daughter, but my sister gave me the one she'd bought for her own daughter and started but given up on. I'm hoping to get it done before next Christmas, LOL!

jimlynn said...

Oh so cute!! You know, I made one for my son and daughter when they were born (now that's been 37 and 34 years ago!!! -) and we still hang them every Christmas and they're still in good shape. I've also made one for all the grandchildren. You children will treasure these for years to come.

Kellie said...

Wow, these look like a lot of work. Your children will cherish them for life.

lcamacho said...

These stockings are SO CUTE!Love'em.I got to learn to make one.Looks like alot of fun.

Karen Howard said...

WOW, these are awesome!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I started making one for my son and never finished- just like this one- I found it this year in the Sewing room....he is now 21......Yikes. Lots of work- gorgeous stocking!!!

Carrie said...

Wow those stockings are the cutest I've ever seen.