November 13, 2009

As I promised yesterday, I am posting some pictures of my new ScrapBox. A few weeks ago my favorite website Splitcoast Stampers hosted a fantastic giveaway. The amazing prize was a ScrapBox from The Orginal ScrapBox. I couldn't believe that I was chosen as a finalist and after four days of voting by the Splitcoast community I was the lucky winner.

Several of you have been asking when I was going to post some pictures. I've been taking pictures all week long while my husband and I were assembling my ScrapBox and while my family and I were rearranging our home to turn my craft room into a bedroom for the baby. I wasn't able to post any pictures until now, but here they are!

If you would like to see my entry thread the link can be found here. I wrote a follow up/ending to my story and that link can be found here.

My first picture is of my ScrapBox once it was assembled.
The picture below is of my ScrapBox open and filled with all of my stamping items. I decided not to store my stamps inside my ScrapBox mainly because they wouldn't all fit inside with all of my other stuff.
I just wanted to share with you all a picture of my stuff before I started organizing my ScrapBox. It is truly amazing how much stuff can fit inside. This is the part that impressed me the most. There's a lot of stuff here, I have stuff on top of stuff and tons of paper, Cuttlebug folders, lots of punches, ribbon, markers, crayons, pencils, adhesive, wheels, my Circut & the cartridges, etc.

This is a picture that I took once I was finished organizing my ScrapBox. I only have a few items left over. I decided not to put my ink caddy or card stock scraps inside and I had a few scrapbook albums that I put on a shelf with my stamps. And after all this, I still have a few empty totes left over! My husband was only too happy to hear about that (weren't you dear?) ...LOL

The next few pictures are just some close ups of my ScrapBox. This picture is of my ScrapBox opened up on the left hand side. The outer side panels are covered with Velcro and they hold the plastic zipper totes.

This picture is of the right hand side outer panel.

Here is a close up picture of the totes, just above the desk that hold all of my card stock and scrapbooking paper. All of the totes are removable and are easily stored by unzipping them and folding them flat. Each tote has a nice little insert for a label.

I took this picture just to show you how much stuff these totes can hold. This tote is from the left hand side door. They are lots of spools of ribbon in this tote and the larger spools of ribbon are big ones (50 yards).

I wasn't quite sure what I would store in the smaller totes, and then I thought about my wheels, and they fit perfectly. I was able to fit all of my wheels on one side of my ScrapBox (there is a row of this size tote on each side of the ScrapBox). I was storing my wheels in SU's plastic wheel storage cases, but I was able to get rid of those now.

And here is one last close up picture of the totes that are in the right hand door of my ScrapBox. I decided to store my punches in these totes. I used to have my punches stored in an over the door organizer, but now they all fit into just a few of these totes.
I'd just like to take a moment to say thank you to The Original ScrapBox for offering such an amazing prize, and thank you to Splitcoast Stampers for hosting the contest. Also special thanks to the judges for all of your time that it took to read each entry, to the other nine finalists, everyone who entered the contest, and everyone who took the time read our entries and place your vote. I had such a great time sharing my story, pictures, and my family with everyone.

It sure has been a busy week trying to get my ScrapBox organized, moving my stamping items downstairs, getting my ScrapBox set up and organized, and turning my craft room into a nursery for the baby.

I've already started using my new ScrapBox and I am so thrilled with it. The ScrapBox is a fantastic piece of furniture! I saw a ScrapBox at a stamp show about two years ago and I never thought I would have one of my own. When my ScrapBox arrived and I saw everything in five boxes I kept thinking about how hard this was going to be to put together, but the instructional DVD video that was included was terrific!

It took my husband and I about 4 1/2 hours to put it together, but it went smoothly and then after it was assembled I spent about 2 hours putting up the shelves and opening the canvas totes.

I waited until the next day to start bringing my supplies downstairs and once I had everything gathered I started organizing things and putting them where I thought it would work best. I ended up putting all of my stamping supplies inside my ScrapBox except for my ink caddy, scrap card stock, and a few scrapbook albums.

I am totally thrilled with my ScrapBox and if anyone is thinking about purchasing one for yourself, I say go for it! The ScrapBox holds so much more than you could imagine and the best part is that when you are finished crafting the table folds down and you just close the doors. The ScrapBox is on wheels and even though it is filled with supplies it moves so easily.

I'll even be able to use more of my supplies now that they are handy. I never heat embossed very often because it was hard for me to get to my embossing supplies. Now all I have to do is pull out the canvas tote and grab whatever I need. No more digging around and moving things around to try and find what I need.

I hope you all enjoyed my story! This has been so much fun and so very exciting!

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Janet said...

Patty - congratulations on winning this wonderful prize. I haven't read what you entered, but will head over and take a look. It looks so neat and organized - I'm jealous here :)

Again, congratulations !! Have fun !!


Cookie said...

Yippie I just got done looking at your wonderful new unit! It looks GREAT!! I am so happy for you! I bet it felt good to get it all done and filled up...LOVE IT!

Bonnie said...

WOW! This looks amazing and I'm so glad that I voted for you to receive this. You are so lucky. It was worth all the excitment and the wonderful love story with the pictures.
Thanks for sharing your photos.