I'm Trying to Hold On!!

I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing. At this point I am so nervous and so besides myself. I keep watching the scrapbox voting page and I see my votes going up and down, mostly down today. Although I am still in the lead, it's still anybodys prize. My husband and daughter are both trying to calm me down, but it's so stressful and I keep hoping that I will be the lucky winner.

I did try to work on making a card to post today, but I wasn't able to get it finished. I have to run now, my husband just came home from work and I have to get supper on the table.

If at all possible, please feel free to share my story with your family and friends. It would be a great help if I was able to obtain some more votes. As of now I am ahead, but it's not over yet! Thank you to all of you for helping and supporting me!

Have a great day and I'll try to post again tomororw. ***Wish me luck*** Pin It

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MariLynn said...

Patty, I am saying prayers for you that you will have calmness and peace of mind. I really want you to win. I know tomorrow must seem years away. I hope tomorrow when I come back I will be joining your celebration party!!!!!