Good Morning everyone! In case you haven't heard I have been chosen as a finalist on Splitcoast stampers as a finalist to win a fantastic Scrapbox prize!!! I still can't believe it and it was so hard for me to get some sleep last night. I did sleep about four hours and then the baby woke up.

I'm asking you all (pretty please) consider voting for me. To enter the contest we were to come up with a creative way to describe why we needed the scrapbox. Here is my entry, if you would like to read my story.

Here is the link for the voting. Remember you can only vote one time, but if there is anyone else that you know might vote for me, please feel free to pass along my entry.

Thanks you so much for looking and I truly appreciate each and every vote! I promise to update my entry with more pictures if I win the scrapbox! Pin It

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Payne Holler Cards said...

you got my vote!!! and as of this morning, looks like you're ahead!!! keepin my fingers crossed for you!!!!

Loved your story, those pics and captions were so cute!!!!!