June 20, 2009

Now that I have my swap cards swapped and mailed out I have some extra time for my blog.I've been receiving several compliments on the placement of my dots on my cards, so I thought I'd share the secret to my success....LOL Well, okay it's not a seceret, but this is the way I make my dots on my cards. I use my SU mat pack template and my black marker! First I stamped and colored my card.

Next, you will want to place the template over your image or area that you want to place the dots around. This also works for when you want to place some dots along the border in the layers of your card stock. In this case I am making a one layer card.

The great thing about this template is that it's clear and you can see exactly where your dots will line up. To help me line up my dots I used the thicken/darker black line and I lined it up along the top and sides of my image.

Then I start making my dots. I hold the template with one hand and using the fine tip end of my marker I quickly touch the marker through the holes onto the paper.Make sure you are holding the template in place with your other hand- in my picture here I was using my other hand to take the photograph. If the template moves you can always line it back up, but you don't want it to move while making your dots.
You will need to move the template around as you continue making your dots. It's easy to line it up to your previous dots and really simple to keep them straight. In this picture I decided to make two rows of dots. Here I had to stop and turn the template so that I could continue along the bottom of my card.
Here is a picture of my finished card :)
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MrsBoz said...

Lovely card and nice tutorial. Congrats on the new blog!!!