February 26, 2010

Winter is not over yet! My husband, my daughter, and I have all been busy shoveling snow today. We received a total of 26"of the fluffy white stuff.

This is the most snow that we've had in about 10 years. The piles at the end of my drive way are taller than my husband and I are. We are so sore from shoveling all of this snow and having to throw it so high onto the piles.

If you look closely in my first picture you can see my neighbor is shoveling his roof. My second picture is of my neighbor's mailbox; yep it's in there somewhere...LOL

And the best news is that our local weather forecasters are calling for another storm on Tuesday. I think I've seen enough snow this year! Pin It


lcamacho said...

Snow looks so pretty.But who Am I to talk.Your tired of it.And I Dont see snow unless I drive about 2 hours away.

jimlynn said...

We NEVER have snow here........it's beautiful in your pictures - of course, I'm not the one out there shoveling it either! HA! What happens when all of this starts melting????

Lesley said...

just amazing - best wishes Lesley x