~My Family~

Good evening!  I rarely post pictures of my kids, but a mom has to brag once and awhile, right?  Anyway, as I sometimes mention I have three kids and I thought I would set aside a post to show them off.

This photo is of my two younger kids, Aubrey and Aaron.  How sweet they are in this photo.  I only hope that they are this close when they grow up.

This is a photo of my older daughter, Danielle.  Yesterday was her first day of college....ugh!  I'm getting old!  She's still in high school, but she's enrolled in a junior scholar program and she's able to start earning her college credits now.  Keep up the good work, Danielle!

Here is a photo of Aaron when he received his baseball trophy.  This was the first year he played baseball and he really enjoyed it.  He will begin playing soccer in August.

Here is a photo of Aubrey when I took her to the park last month.  It was still pretty cool out that day.

And here is the reason that I'm driving myself crazy lately!  This is my hubby's car or should I say it was hubby's car.  He was in an accident almost 2 weeks ago and his car still isn't finished being repaired.  The auto body shop ordered parts to fix his car and then once they began fixing it they found that it had more damage that they thought.  We won't be getting our car back until late next week.  I've been busy taking everyone where they need to go with my car and it's been a lot of running around!

I hope you didn't mind me sharing a few photos of my family!  I'll be back tomorrow with another card.  Have a great rest of the evening! Pin It


:: BlueInks :: said...

Patty, your children are all so cute! I am glad that your DH is okay from the accident. Thanks, for sharing!

Heather B said...

Thanks for sharing, Patty! Your daughters look so much like you. You must be proud of all three of them.

Melina said...

Thank you for sharing Patty! "Way to Go" (to your oldest DD) and your son and younger daughter are so sweet!
I'm glad hubby is okay